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Everything your employees need to know about pensions, investments and tax in one place

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A collection of guides, videos and factsheets to help your employees understand pensions, investing, and saving for retirement. With real life case studies and useful calculators and tools, there’s information for everyone along with tips on how to improve financial health.

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Getting started

New to pensions

How pensions work, how much to save for retirement – and how and when money can be withdrawn.


PlanViewer is the easy way to manage a Fidelity pension account online or through the app. These simple guides show how to register, keep track of savings and switch investments.

Growing savings

Growing your pension pot

Salary sacrifice, compound interest, how to save better and pension allowances explained.

Tax rules explained

Simple guides to tax relief and pension allowances – and which tax rules apply when it comes to withdrawing money.


Stocks & Shares and Lifetime ISAs make it easy to build savings by putting a little more aside each month. We explain how they work.

Understanding investing

These videos and guides explain the basics of investing – from choosing funds to the benefits of investing sustainably, and how to reduce risk by diversifying into different asset classes.

Investing basics

Sustainable investing

Investing in companies that care about the environment, their employees and their communities encourages positive change. We can improve our green credentials and still generate good returns.

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The best time to be saving – a look at life stages

It pays to start saving into a pension early but it’s never too late to start. Our real life case studies and guides cover all stages of life, from early careers right up to retirement.

Starting out

Typically, saving smaller amounts over a longer period can make a bigger difference than saving larger amounts later in life. We look at simple budgeting methods and the power of compounding.


Taking a few simple steps when you’re older can power up a pension and make savings work harder. Here are some case studies and tips about saving in middle age.

Ready to retire?

When it’s time to start taking an income, there’s a lot to think about – from tax implications to annuities and investment pathways. We look at why it’s important to establish retirement goals.

Steps to financial wellness

Understanding how to budget, setting goals, managing debt, and thinking about how much to save can pay dividends in the long term. We share our global research, insights and tools to help your employees improve their financial health and feel confident about their finances.

Feel good about your finances

Women and money

Confidence and knowledge are important steps on the road to financial independence. These real life case studies could inspire women in your organisation to take control of their finances.

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